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Difference Between Re Keying and Changing a Lock

If you were replacing your locks you would be replacing all the hardware and, obviously, that is not the imperative trait for your security. You would only call for to have new keys made for the lock or locks to be different from any you’ve lost. This is what is called re-keying. There are also other instances when you would choose to re-key rather than replace locks. Such examples would be when buying a new home to ensure that any keys that may still have been kept by prior owners or may have been given to their family members will no longer be helpful for entry to what is now your private domain and not theirs. Certainly, if the locks of your new home are broken or have been weakened due to age, then it is recommended to have the hardware changed as well, and this would involve changing the locks. If you have lately moved into a residence that was occupied by somebody else before you, you will want to have locksmith orlando come to your new residence to examine all the locks in your residence. This is something every new homeowner who is not moving into a newly constructed home should do as matter of common...